arms with ethic - An Overview

Version: recent; Page: [forty four] Peters1893: II. 6, 2We could properly assert the virtue or excellence of the factor causes that issue both to generally be by itself in very good condition and also to perform its perform effectively.

If then there be just one final conclude, this may be what we are looking for,—or if there be more than one, then the most last of them.

Peters1893: III. eight, 7Again, the normal troops by rationale of their encounter tend to be more economical the two in attack and defence; for They're competent in the use of their weapons, and may also be furnished with the most effective sort Peters1893: III.

Peters1893: I. five, 4Men of refinement with a functional switch want honour; for I suppose we might express that honour would be the goal of your statesman’s daily life.

Peters1893: I. 10, 11The content man, then, as we determine him, could have this expected residence of permanence, and all by life will maintain his character; for he is going to be occupied regularly, or with the least attainable interruption, in Version: present; Page: [26]outstanding deeds and great speculations; and, regardless of what his fortune be, He'll choose it in the noblest fashion, and bear himself always and in all issues suitably, since he is really good and “foursquare without a flaw.”

Peters1893: III. 8, 15And so (it is thought) it wants better braveness to become fearless and cool in sudden danger than in danger which has been foreseen; for behaviour in the previous situation has to be more straight the result of formed character, as it is fewer dependent on preparation.

Peters1893: III. 5, 15But It's not at all only our psychological or moral vices that happen to be voluntary; bodily vices also are occasionally voluntary, and then are censured. We do not censure pure ugliness, but we do censure that which is due to carelessness and want of training.

Peters1893: I. 12, 4If, then, praise be good to this kind of matters as we described, it is actually evident that to the top issues is because of, not praise, but a thing greater and superior, as our utilization reveals; for your Gods we call blessed and satisfied, and “blessed” is definitely the phrase we apply to probably the most godlike Males.

Peters1893: III. 2, 12Again, we opt to choose or to stop a fantastic or evil issue; we opine what its nature is, or what it is nice for, or in what way; but Woods Casey we can not opine to get or in order to avoid.

We have to cause from facts acknowledged without query by The person of qualified character. Peters1893: I. four, 5But we have to not omit to notice the excellence which is drawn involving the strategy of continuing from your setting up-factors or principles, and the strategy of working as many as them.

Peters1893: III. 1, 5Throwing a cargo overboard in a storm can be a somewhat analogous situation. No one voluntarily throws absent his residence if almost nothing is to return of it,* but any sensible person would do this to avoid wasting the lifetime of himself and also the crew.

Peters1893: III. 6, 5On one other hand, a man is never to be referred to as cowardly for fearing outrage to his young children or his spouse, or for dreading envy and things of that kind, nor courageous for being unmoved via the prospect of a whipping.

Peters1893: I. 4, 2As to its title, I suppose nearly all men are agreed; to the masses and also the Adult males of tradition alike declare that it's pleasure, and maintain that to “Are living well” or to “do well” is the same as to be “satisfied.”

Peters1893: I. thirteen, 10Whether they're divided as are classified as the portions of your body or any divisible matter, or whether they are only distinguishable in thought but in truth inseparable, like concave and convex from the circumference of the circle, makes no difference for our present reason.

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